To run a business, you need to interact with others, including vendors, clients, employees, customers, business partners or affiliates, and governing authorities. The hope is that every business interaction runs smoothly and without dispute, but that is rarely reality. 

The high probability that you will encounter complaints from third parties and individuals within your business is why you need a lawyer for business litigation. By hiring a business litigation attorney, you can reduce the likelihood that you will have to darken a courtroom door, and you can prevent your venture from losing money or legal rights should a disagreement arise. At The Hunnicutt Law Group, our business litigation lawyers have the experience and skills to help you resolve business controversies while protecting your interests. 

How a Business Litigation Lawyer Can Help

What does a business litigation attorney do

What does a business litigation lawyer do? A business litigation attorney helps business owners settle, initiate, and defend against legal complaints regarding their businesses. 

Examples of Business Disputes

Business complaints can arise in a variety of ways, including the following: 

Resolving business issues should be done by a skilled attorney. Addressing a legal dispute in a way that safeguards your rights and finances takes finesse and an intricate understanding of the law. At The Hunnicutt Law Group, our business litigation attorneys make careful and strategic decisions to ensure that our clients get the most out of dispute resolution. 

Methods for Resolving Business Disputes    

Not all legal controversies end up in court. There are several ways a business litigation attorney can handle a business disagreement and protect your investments. 


In mediation, both parties sit before a neutral party who can help them identify their true needs and make voluntary agreements to enable them to move forward more amicably. The solution to your problem might be as simple as changing a minor element of your business practices for a particular client or changing the timetable of an isolated business matter—issues with solutions like this rarely need the intervention of the court system. 

Settlement negotiation

Litigation is time-consuming and expensive. Many parties to a dispute recognize that settling their differences outside of court is the most practical way to handle a disagreement. But individuals who choose to settle need to understand their legal needs, business needs, and the amount of leverage they have before entering a settlement agreement that could forfeit a number of their rights. Our business litigation lawyers can make these assessments for you and argue your case to ensure that you receive the most favorable settlement possible. 


Your business contracts might already have clauses that require you to arbitrate, or you and the other party might choose to arbitrate your dispute after it arises. Arbitration is a form of litigation which is conducted outside the court system, but it is more private and sometimes moves more quickly than a traditional lawsuit. In arbitration, you still present your evidence and arguments to a neutral, third-party decision-maker, so it is important to have a business litigation attorney represent you during the process. Our business litigation attorneys can champion your interests in arbitration. 

Traditional litigation

While there are many alternatives to resolving a dispute, sometimes traditional litigation through the courts is necessary. It is important to have an attorney represent you through every stage of litigation. 

A traditional lawsuit requires your compliance with detailed discovery and evidence rules, a thorough knowledge of the law, and strategic arguments to protect your position. A business litigation attorney has the knowledge and skill to comply with these legal standards. Your attorney is also best equipped to recognize when you can step away from a lengthy, expensive, and unpredictable litigation process to resolve your dispute using less costly means.

When to Hire a Lawyer for Business Litigation

You should hire an attorney as soon as you sense that a dispute will arise. If possible, do not wait until you receive a complaint. Hire an attorney if you notice there has been a breach of one of your contracts, if you know a customer suffered an injury on your premises or while using one of your products, or when your business is about to make a change that will affect others. The earlier in a dispute (or potential dispute) that you can hire an attorney, the better. With early attorney intervention, you may be able to cut costs and reduce the time and energy needed to resolve a legal dispute. Sometimes an attorney can help you fix an issue before the issue get worse. 

The Business Litigation Attorneys at The Hunnicutt Law Group Can Help

At The Hunnicutt Law Group, our Dallas-based business litigation attorneys have more than 30 years of experience. We negotiate and mediate settlements, and litigate our clients’ matters. We have the experience to solve business matters for a variety of clients, including large companies, mid-sized enterprises, and small businesses.  

If you see a legal dispute on the horizon or are already in the middle of a battle, call us at 214-361-6740 or contact us online

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