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Real estate litigation case in Dallas, TX.

Real estate and property ownership disputes can escalate for months on end without a resolution.

In the meantime, there may be a significant impact on your home, livelihood, or business. In these instances, litigation may be the only recourse. 

For 30 years, attorney Steve Hunnicutt has provided guidance on complex matters, including real estate litigation to individuals and businesses in Dallas and across Texas. As a result, citizens turn to The Hunnicutt Law Group when they need a Dallas real estate attorney.

We Are Experienced in Dallas Real Estate Litigation

Litigation is the legal avenue for handling disputes. It can involve presenting or defending against an action brought in court or arbitration to enforce a particular right, protecting a person against a lawsuit, full jury or bench (judge) trials, arbitration, and dealing with things such as injunctions, motions, judgments, etc.  

Along with the above, alternative dispute resolution can be an important part of litigation. Alternative dispute resolution includes mediation and arbitration.

This involves attempting to resolve situations before, during, or without a judicial proceeding. It takes exceptional training in negotiation and arbitration to work to resolve disputes favorably for a client. The Hunnicutt Law Group knows how to litigate and how to negotiate

Real Estate Litigation Attorneys You Can Trust

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We Address All Areas of Real Estate

Real estate is a broad field. The two main categories are commercial real estate and residential real estate.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate relates to businesses, large and small. Office buildings, hotels, and retail buildings are all examples of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate can also involve large residential structures, such as high-rise apartment buildings. Finally, when there is land intended for commercial development, it is commercial real estate. 

Residential Real Estate

A Dallas real estate lawyer might also deal with residential real estate. Residential real estate is property used exclusively for someone’s home, such as a single-family home. We also define condominiums, duplexes, tiny houses, multi-family homes, and townhouses all as residential.

The Hunnicutt Law Group addresses legal conflicts pertaining to commercial and residential real estate. We have the ability to solve immediate problems and to plan strategically for the future. 

Explaining Real Estate Litigation

The Hunnicutt Law Group should be your first call when it comes to Texas real estate litigation. The Hunnicutt Law Group has Dallas real estate attorneys who citizens trust.

We have years of experience handling all types of litigation scenarios regarding real estate. A small sampling of issues we handle include:

  • Fraud and negligent misrepresentation claims;
  • Controversies over real estate investment agreements;
  • Wrongful foreclosure;
  • Issues regarding unfair finance agreements;
  • Breach of contract lawsuits;
  • HOA (homeowners association) disputes;
  • Disputes regarding purchase and sale agreements of large properties;
  • Real estate contract disputes;
  • Real estate leases; and
  • Litigation involving any other residential or commercial real estate issues.

As a veteran real estate and litigation lawyer, Dallas, TX-based Steve Hunnicutt protects clients regarding these types of real estate legal issues and more.

An Example of a Real Estate Litigation Case

Real estate ligation comes about in a variety of circumstances. The National Association of Realtors features a Texas case that provides a clear example of how an ordinary circumstance can lead to litigation.

In this case, a homeowner purchased a home, only to find that there was an issue with drainage. This resulted in years of litigation involving accusations of:

  • Fraud
  • Violations of the state’s deceptive trade practices statute, 
  • Negligent misrepresentation, and
  • Breach of legal duty to use diligence and care in representing the buyers.

This case is typical of cases we handle. It engaged the buyers, sellers, and brokers on both sides in substantial real estate litigation.

The Hunnicutt Law Group deals with these types of cases and any others involving real estate litigation. With over 30 years of experience, we can tackle everything from complex corporate battles of business property contract disputes to fencing and property access litigation between neighbors. The point is, there are myriad things that can lead to real estate litigation. 

The Hunnicutt Law Group is prepared to help you.

Why You Need Real Estate Attorneys, in Dallas, TX

A real estate litigation case handled by a lawyer in in Dallas, TX.

In a situation regarding real estate litigation, it is vital to act quickly and hire a Dallas real estate lawyer. In the long run, there is no benefit to waiting and attempting to handle the issue on your own.

Issue May Seems Small, But It Is Not

Real estate matters often arise from a misunderstanding or unclear communication. A homeowner expecting one thing and receiving another. An unexpected construction snafu causing a significant change to the final product. While these disputes can start small, they can escalate into complex legal issues.

Businesses Big and Small Need Lawyers

If you are a business having a dispute with an individual or small contractor, do not assume that you will have the upper hand and can settle the issue in your favor. Individuals are knowledgeable, and most will seek legal representation.

Individuals Need Lawyers

Most companies have a team of in-house lawyers. You may see only a representative who is agreeable and seems to be on your side, but understand that behind them is a team that will fight to protect their company. The same may be true when your dispute is against another individual. They will have a Dallas real estate lawyer, and you must as well.

A Lot Is at Stake

Real estate litigation involves property. It is tied to where one lives, where they do business, or how they derive an income. Therefore, with real estate litigation, there is much at stake. You will want to have the issue resolved as soon as possible and with the best outcome for your side. To have this happen, you must engage a Dallas real estate attorney who has extensive litigation experience.

Litigation Is Complex

Without a highly-rated litigation attorney on your side, you may be facing a prolonged and cumbersome legal process to resolve an issue that should not have occurred in the first place. We leverage our experience in both litigation and mediation to resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

The Hunnicutt Law Group: Dallas Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

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