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Your Dallas Settlement Counsel Attorney

At The Hunnicutt Law Group, our Dallas business law attorney is proud to provide various trusted services to our clients, including representation for business disputes, alternative dispute resolution services, and aggressive litigation.

In addition, our team can fully represent you as your company’s Special Settlement Counsel.

Attorney Hunnicutt has numerous successful case resolutions and has been assisting clients for over 25 years – you can put your business and your trust in the legal team at The Hunnicutt Law Group.

What Is Special Settlement Counsel?

Hiring Settlement Counsel can add value to your case whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. As Settlement Counsel, Mr. Hunnicutt works along side your trial team but he does not take depositions or appear in court on your behalf. Instead, he works to find a resolution to the conflict by negotiating with your opponents. This allows your trial team to continue to focus on what they do best. This can work for you in a variety of matters including business disputes, personal injury and medical malpractice.

Mr. Hunnicutt has even been contacted by opposing counsel in certain cases to request him to engage in the process after initial settlement discussions were not successful. Often these follow up discussions, which may take days or months, lead to a successful resolution.

Let’s Have A Conversation

It’s important that you work with an experienced alternative dispute resolution attorney. You can rely on our team to provide you with outstanding customer service and experienced, dedicated counsel.

Contact our skilled Dallas alternative dispute resolution attorney today and schedule a consultation with our team. Steve Hunnicutt has been assisting clients since 1998, and he will use his experience and understanding of various laws and regulations in Texas to help you and your company.

Call The Hunnicutt Law Group at 214-361-6740.