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Business Law vs. Commercial Litigation - What's the Difference?

While many people think business litigation and commercial litigation are the same thing, there are important differences between the two. However, they often overlap in the areas they cover, and most attorneys who practice one will also practice the other. While business law focuses on various aspects of running a business and dealing with forming a company, commercial litigation deals with employment contracts and the sale of goods.

Understanding the Main Differences Between Business & Commercial Litigation

One main difference between business and commercial litigation is that business law is regulated by the state and federal government, while commercial law is mainly regulated by the Uniform Commercial Code. Businesses must abide by federal and state regulations concerning environmental protections, employment laws and fair wage compliance, investments and stocks, and safety in the workplace.

Business law issues may include:

· Shareholder disputes

· Partnership disputes

· Breach of contract cases

· Whistleblower cases

· Mergers and acquisitions

· Property issues

The Uniform Commercial Code Governs Commercial Law Issues

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a collection of laws designed to protect consumers from unfair or deceitful business practices. It regulates various aspects of commercial transactions and the sale of goods in the U.S. It also sets forth guidelines for negotiable instruments, secured transactions, the leases of goods, and other issues. Thus, commercial law often deals with negotiating and litigating business contracts and employment agreements, as well as trade secret litigation.

Why You Need to Hire an Experienced Business or Commercial Law Attorney

Each industry has its own unique challenges for businesses and commercial entities. If you are facing a complex legal issue, or you want to ensure your company is abiding by federal and state laws, having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side is important. If you draft an unclear employment contract, or you try to negotiate a sales agreement without having a thorough understanding of the applicable UCC regulations, you could put your business in jeopardy. In order to avoid a stressful situation, it is necessary to hire a business or commercial litigation attorney to oversee the particular issues your company is facing.

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With more than 25 years of legal experience, The Hunnicutt Law Firm has guided numerous clients to successful solutions. If you are facing business or commercial law issues, our Dallas business law attorney can provide efficient representation. We handle both business and commercial litigation cases, and will fight for your interests every step of the way.

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