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Special Settlement Counsel - What Is It & How Does It Work?

When your business is facing a complex legal dispute or negotiation, special settlement counsel can provide many benefits. At our firm, we offer informative and aggressive settlement counsel services to our clients. Whether you are facing alternative dispute resolution or litigation in court, we can provide the assistance you need as you seek a beneficial outcome.

What Special Settlement Counsel Is

Special settlement counsel is partisan representation that works on behalf of a particular client. Settlement counsel negotiates to reach a fair and agreeable solution for the client, and focuses on the client's future goals. Special settlement counsel is skilled at understanding complex factors of a case, and works to provide a favorable resolution in court or out of court.

What Special Settlement Counsel Is Not

Special settlement counsel is not a mediator, litigator, or collaborative lawyer. While a mediator is neutral, special settlement counsel fights on behalf of one party. Furthermore, a litigator will be strictly focused on winning a case, proving fault of the other party, and using litigation strategies. On the other hand, special settlement counsel is focused on using negotiation techniques to protect the interests of the client. Collaborative attorneys will usually not follow a case to trial, but special settlement counsel will follow the case all the way to its conclusion, even if trial is necessary.

Understanding the Function of Special Settlement Counsel

Special settlement counsel will work to understand the present and future interests of the client, and will use effective negotiation techniques to pursue a beneficial solution. The special settlement counsel will advocate on behalf of a client in negotiation, mediation, and settlement meetings. However, settlement counsel has a completely different role than a litigator. It is important to distinguish these two roles during your case.

There are three reasons why special settlement counsel should be considered different than a trial attorney:

· Special settlement counsel is not just another member of your litigation team

· Special settlement counsel should stay away from any drama that litigators may have with opposing counsel

· Special settlement counsel has a focused role and should not try to perform litigation as well

Statistically, about 95% of all cases settle out of court. Thus, it is important to hire special settlement counsel as early as possible in your case to protect your interests and pursue a resolution. Special settlement counsel will organize and prepare for all settlement meetings, negotiations, mediations, and alternative dispute resolutions. Furthermore, the special settlement counsel will handle all communications with the opposing party, including phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and written messages.

The special settlement counsel is basically your advocate throughout the dispute. If you are facing a business contract disagreement or other complicated legal issue, hiring special settlement counsel can help the process go smoothly. If your case goes to trial, special settlement counsel will stay up-to-date on your situation and be prepared to revive negotiations with the other party.

Efficient & Knowledgeable Settlement Counsel Lawyers in Dallas

At The Hunnicutt Law Firm, we provide special settlement counsel services to clients facing business disputes and litigation. Whatever your situation, we will discuss your options and work hard as you seek a favorable solution. Our Dallas settlement counsel attorney will pay attention to the minute details of your case, and will use effective negotiation strategies to protect your interests.

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