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Do I Need an Attorney for Shareholder Disputes?

Disputes between a business and its shareholders can be financially devastating and impact the day to day operations of a company. These disputes can affect employee morale and can even be the cause of a business going under. In this blog, we explain the importance of hiring an attorney to handle shareholder disputes.

There are many different types of shareholder disputes that might require legal assistance, such as:

  • Disagreements about the direction a company is going
  • Conflict of interest
  • A director's or a shareholder's poor performance
  • Disputes about shareholder wage payment

Business owners should be proactive and try to prepare for shareholder disputes before they arise. Letting a dispute drag on or escalate can cause significant harm to your company. This is why you should hire an attorney who is familiar with business law and shareholder disputes. A skilled attorney can set up agreements between you and shareholders regarding how to handle common disputes that might come up in the course of business. Having legal agreements in place ahead of time will help ensure that shareholder disputes are quickly settled without the need for expensive litigation.

Shareholder disputes tend to be caused by the misbehavior of one of the shareholders. For example, a shareholder violates their fiduciary duty and causes financial harm to the business. This requires an in depth analysis off a business's operations to determine the financial impact of a shareholder's breach of fiduciary duty. A lawyer who understands business law can help expedite this process and ensure that the methods used to measure the fiscal impact of the breach meet industry standards and regulations.

At The Hunnicutt Law Firm, we provide our clients with experienced and dedicated legal counsel to assist with the needs of their business. Contact our Dallas team of business law attorneys to find out how we can help you today.

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