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Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Litigation is costly, public, and time-consuming. For many business owners, it can be a drain on their time and resources and harm their business. If you are facing legal complications with your business, alternative dispute resolution may be the right way to go. There are several forms of alternative dispute resolution, some of which may fit your situation better than others.


This method is a middle ground between the methods of alternative dispute resolution. Mediationrequires a neutral third party, who will communicate with the parties on both sides of the case separately, and help them reach a resolution. Mediators do not make decisions, but they are there to prevent escalation and arguments. They also ensure that each party can speak and share their story. It is useful to prevent the breakup of a relationship between the two opposing parties. What is said in mediation is considered confidential and will not be shared.


Collaboration is the most hands-on method of alternative dispute resolution. In collaboration sessions, the parties and their attorneys meet to discuss the dispute and work together to come up with a satisfactory solution. This method works best when both parties are seeking a resolution and are willing to cooperate to resolve their issue. This can be the least expensive option, and sometimes the quickest.


If neither party wants to go to litigation, but are not cooperating, arbitration may be the answer. This method utilizes an arbitrator, an individual or a panel of impartial third-parties who will hear both sides of the case and make a decision. Similar to litigation, arbitration is less formal and is a private form of dispute resolution. The decision can be legally binding or nonbinding, depending on the predetermined rules of the arbitration.

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