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Mediation can be an effective form of dispute resolution

The great philosopher Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the jaw."

Business contracts can be a lot like a Tyson fight - you start by believing everything is going to go your way, then you get a right to the body and a left uppercut so devastating that they feel like one punch. Now things aren't going your way real fast and all those plans have gone out the window. How do you regroup?

What qualifies as a breach of fiduciary duty?

The business world is fiercely competitive and ever-changing. Its competitive nature drives some to act badly to try to get ahead. However, there are laws that prevent companies and individuals from acting unethically. When people step outside of these boundaries, they can be held accountable for their actions.

Problems your start-up could face

Creating a start-up is not for the weak-minded. It takes hard work and considerable intelligence. However, despite all your research and knowledge, your new endeavor may still run into issues.

The business of entrepreneurship and start-ups is complex and there are many factors that go into it. Here are two major problems start-ups face and how you can potentially avoid them:

Impact of AI on trade secrets

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years. The WIPO predicts this digital frontier will impact everyone, from small businesses to large corporations. Aside from technological, economic and social implications, it will immensely affect traditional intellectual property concepts. For a start: trade secrets.

The benefits of forming an LLC in Texas

If you hope to begin a business, perhaps the first step includes determining which type of business you want to establish based on your company make-up. In our last post, we outlined popular business entities in Texas.

A common business entity includes the formation of a limited liability company (LLC). LLCs allow you to take the benefits of both a partnership and a corporation, and in doing so, you have the ability to act both as a member and an owner in the business.

What you need to know when deciding on a business entity

Starting a new business is exciting, but it requires careful planning and preparation. You must do things like evaluate the marketplace, secure financing, design a logo, determine your customer segment and figure out where you will sell your goods or services. More than knowing your company is going to sell custom footwear, you also must determine the structure of your company. Here is what you may need to know about picking the appropriate business entity.

The key to safeguarding your company’s intellectual property

A common form of business litigation centers around intellectual property. By taking protective measures as a business owner, you can better your odds of prevailing in the courtroom should your intellectual property be compromised. However, there are various ways to protect intellectual property and many misconceptions surrounding their use. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that know how they operate before taking action.

Here are three ways you can be proactive about protecting your business’ intellectual property.

Are Verbal Contracts Enforceable in Texas?

You probably wouldn't agree to do a million dollars' worth of work with only a verbal agreement and a handshake. But what about smaller jobs? Do oral contracts carry any legal weight in Texas? Are they enforceable?

In fact, they are. There are some significant caveats, but verbal contracts that meet specific legal requirements can be binding in Texas. However, it is always better to have a contract in writing if you want to ensure that your interests are protected in the event that something doesn't go according to plan.

What Should I Include in My Business's Employment Contract?

It is important to have a legally sound contract to protect yourself and your business, especially when hiring new employees. But what should you include in your employment contract? Below, we explain the 5 things you need to include in your business's employment contract.

How to Prove Theft of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to specific creations from a person's mind, such as artistic and literary works, names, designs, symbols, inventions, and even trade secrets. In order to protect trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property, the United States has created several laws aimed at helping people retain the right to prosper from their own creations and ideas.

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