Resolving Oil And Gas Disputes Across Texas

Texas has a rich history of oil and gas ownership. Nevertheless, disputes do occur frequently and can involve many parties, from landowners and royalty owners to oil companies and employees. Whether it is a production or royalty dispute, a disagreement can threaten your business or livelihood.

At The Hunnicutt Law Firm, attorney Steve Hunnicutt has helped clients resolve oil and gas disputes for over 30 years. Combining legal experience with knowledge of the oil and gas industry, we have represented a variety of clients, from producers and processors, to transporters and landowners.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

With a background in business litigation, mediation and contractual matters, we represent clients in matters involving:

  • Royalty disputes, including market value claims and claims for failure to reasonably market production and matters involving royalty interests
  • Production disputes, including those relating to oil and gas titles, lease terminations and preferential rights
  • Exploration disputes
  • Contract disputes relating to product and service, including drilling

These matters are often complex and involve complicated contracts and terms. An experienced lawyer can step in and discuss matters involving receiving fair compensation, lease terms and liability. Disputes about costs and compensation can be lengthy and expensive. We step in to try to resolve these issues efficiently and effectively.

We have worked with teams of experts and accountants to provide quality, complete representation to our clients. We have spearheaded numerous challenging cases and have represented our clients diligently.

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